I’m glad you have found your way here.

Just as there is no one way to be human, I believe there is no one way to address issues that lead us to seek support through counseling. I incorporate many practices into my approach to therapy and ultimately work with the client to determine the best fit for them. Whatever the issue, my goal is to foster a supportive, safe, and secure environment for each person to grow in.

We all experience times that can be challenging. Maybe it is the start or end of a relationship, a new job, the loss of a loved one, or a new child. Maybe you are feeling sad or anxious and can’t identify why. Maybe the stress that has been manageable is suddenly overwhelming. Maybe what you thought was just a funk is depression. Maybe it is a combination. Maybe you aren’t sure what to call it. No matter who we are or where we are in life, sometimes in order to face what is in front of us, we must reach out for a helping hand, a someone to help us make sense of the path in front of us.

Whether you are just starting down a new journey or have found yourself seeking direction, I am here to help.

To learn more about me and to schedule an appointment, please send me a message. I provide individual counseling sessions, specializing in early adulthood, communication, and parenting (including pre/post-natal and during pregnancy) to adults. At this time, my practice is fully operated via telehealth using a licensed Zoom account, which is fully HIPAA compliant.  Note about availability: due to exceptionally high demand, I am not currently able to accept new clients at this time. I encourage you to check back in the future as I will continue to update my availability. 

I hope to hear from you soon.

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