Here are some commonly asked questions I receive from prospective and current clients.

What types of services do you offer:

I offer both parent coaching/education as well as individual mental health therapy primarily focused on maternal mental health through all stages of pregnancy. I work with individuals who have a diagnosis of Perinatal Mood Disorder as well as new parents who are experiencing anxiety or depression or struggling to adapt to the new role of parent. While my practice primarily focuses on women/birthing people, I am also available for new fathers.

What is the cost:

For parent coaching/education my rate is $150/hour.
For mental health therapy my rate is $135/hour.
Please note that for clients primarily seeking mental health therapy related to parenting, topics related to education may be addressed, but are not the focus of sessions.

At this time I do not bill insurance, but am happy to provide superbills for those individuals receiving mental health therapy. Insurance will not cover parent education/coaching.

How often/long do we meet?

This really depends on the concerns and challenges a client is brining to the table. For parent coaching/education, the timeline may be shorter. For individual therapy, I generally see clients for a longer period of time, usually on a weekly or biweekly basis. Clients may also start in parent education and then choose to move to individual therapy.

A Note About Telehealth
At this time, my practice is 100% remote.

More questions? Please contact me! I’m happy to answer anything not covered here.